The institutional image of the Senate

Last revision 01/19/2021

The Senate’s institutional image was approved by the Bureau of the Senate in an agreement adopted when it met on 2 June 2009.

The elements making up the Senate’s institutional image are as follows:

  • The Shield.
  • The elevation of the south face of the Senate Palace.
  • The logo, made up of the Shield with the title “Senado”.
  • The institutional colours and typeface.

As a consequence of the approval of the Senate’s institutional image, the three trademarks it is identified with were registered at the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks, according to the types of products and services included in the corresponding trademark registration (trademark numbers 283.732, 2.883.734 and 2.883.735), which grants the Senate a number of rights with regards to third parties, as provided for in Article 34 of Law 17/2001, dated 7 December, on Trademarks.

The following documents set out in detail each one of these symbols both textually and graphically, specifying the measurements, proportion, colours and shapes of each one of them.