Last revision 10/06/2022

Where can I find out about the history, composition, functions and parliamentary procedures of the Senate?

To provide information about the institution, there are themed sections about the constitutional history of the Senate, its composition, the way in which Senators are elected and appointed, as well as its functions and parliamentary procedures. A short parliamentary dictionary and a selection of frequently asked questions are also available at the top of the page from whichever screen you are browsing.

Can I go on a guided tour of the Senate? And how about attending a Plenary Sitting?

Yes. The webpage includes an electronic form for requesting a tour as well as information about getting to the Senate and what the tour involves. The same is true if you wish to attend a Plenary Sitting.

Visitors with hearing disabilities may ask to be provided with the relevant device to ensure optimal hearing during the tour.

For people who are unable to attend the Senate in person, there is a virtual tour of its buildings showing the different rooms and chambers, paintings, sculptures and decorative objects.

As for Plenary Sittings, they are broadcast live over the Internet, and recordings can be viewed at any time after they have been held.

What is available from the Senate Shop?

The Senate Shop is open to the public and sells various gift items which reflect the historic, artistic and symbolic motifs of the Senate.

Within the section "The Senate opens its doors" (in the "Get to know the Senate" block), you will find the information you need to contact the Shop and view the catalogue of products available.

Does the Senate publish any books or leaflets? How can I get them?

Yes, the Senate does publish books and information leaflets.

The catalogue of Senate non-official publications can be found on the webpage, under the "Library and documentation resources" section, providing the necessary contact details for users to acquire the publications available.